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The definition of leadership is someone who inspires others to take action. So, every leadership course in the A Better Leader system is designed to be at once robust, compelling, and immediately actionable. A Better Leader's topics include the top-requested information from new and seasoned managers and supervisors.

Leadership Defined

This introductory course sets the tone for the entire series and introduces the 4 areas of leadership development.

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Motivate Your People

Automatic inspiration

Move away from a “one-and-done” approach to leadership training. A Better Leader’s platform offers ongoing reinforcement that inspires and motivates your top performing supervisors, with supplemental content that keeps them engaged and energized.

Take Action to Inspire Productivity

Provides leaders with ten things they can do today to improve the workplace and worker satisfaction.

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Building Morale

Building morale is serious business – and a key component of great leadership. the best way to build your team’s morale is actually to inspire confidence in them.

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Developing Trust

Presents the common warning signs of trust issues & how leaders can restore or build trust among team members and in leadership.

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Goal Setting & Achievement

Explains the importance of setting goals, breaks down different types of goals, and provides rules & tips for setting goals.

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Praise & Recognition

Illustrates why praise is so important and presents formal & informal ways to recognize team members, plus a leader's guide to becoming praise proficient.

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Union Avoidance: Company Advocates

Leaders learn how to create Company Advocates within their teams - employees that are trusted and respected because they come from within the employee ranks themselves.

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Connect With Your People

Keep them coming back for more

When supervisors are well-trained, employees are more satisfied, which improves retention rates. A Better Leader continually reminds supervisors that connecting with employees is the best way to get the team to move from “point A” to “point B”.

Involving Employees in Decision-Making

Leaders learn the benefits of employee involvement and the risks of not including employees in decision-making.

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Communicating During A Crisis

Defines what a crisis event is and the different types of crises that can occur, as well as how important it is for leaders to help maintain business continuity during any kind of crisis.

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Brand Ambassadors

Do your leaders understand the critical impact that employees can have on the company’s brand? In this course, we share recent findings on the state of employee engagement, as it relates to branding.

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Effective Listening

Establishes the importance of listening, types of listening, and the difference between hearing & listening. An Active Listener checklist is also provided.

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Employee Engagement Matters

Explains the advantages of an engaged workforce, outlines the 3 degrees of engagement and identifies what drives employees to become engaged at work.

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Planned Connections

Presents how planned connections keep leaders in the loop, plus steps & tips to having successful discussions with employees and gathering feedback.

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Union Avoidance: The Union Proof Workforce

Explains clearly how a supervisor or manager's ability to successfully motivate and manage their team, consistently and respectfully, can foster employee engagement and greater job satisfaction.

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Support Your People

Removing barriers to accomplishment

While the HR department may move on to other goals, A Better Leader automatically supports newly hired or promoted supervisors with the knowledge they need to succeed. It’s no mystery that new supervisors often falter because they are not prepared for the additional challenges that come from managing people. A Better Leader’s structure allows you to effortlessly present, teach, and reinforce the vital knowledge that supports your corporate culture.

Productivity Without Spending a Dime

Leaders are shown why, often, cash is not king when it comes to rewarding employees.

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Conflict Resolution

Explores conflict's impact on a team, identifies the right time for leaders to intervene in employee disputes and walks leaders through a conflict resolution session.

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Delegation Works

Discusses how proper delegation enables leaders to hit their goals on time, increases productivity and encourages teamwork.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Today, we're not just talking about being "politically correct" - we're showing leaders how their team can be more successful in a global marketplace.

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Time Management: The Power of Prioritizing

Helps leaders understand the benefits of prioritizing, highlights 2 methods of prioritizing and provides tips to stay focused.

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Union Avoidance: Employee Voice

When employees know that they are being heard - that management supports them, and that their ideas and opinions are respected, they are far less likely to look outside the company for help.

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Improve Your People

Good, Better, Best

The most effective leaders create an environment where each and every team member is performing to the highest level their abilities allow. When employees see that their supervisor is A Better Leader, they’re motivated to continually improve and grow.

Ethics & Leadership

Sometimes ethical behavior is tough to define. In this edition, we provide leaders with a 4-question quiz to determine if a decision or action is ethical.

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Develop Your Coaching Skills

Differentiates coaching from training & mentoring. Teaches the proper roles & responsibilities of coaching, plus some effective coaching skills.

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Feedback Reboot: Performance Reviews

Leaders learn how Performance Reviews can propel both employees and businesses forward, and how to avoid a REALLY common Performance Review misstep.

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Intro to Change

Identifies the 4 critical stages of the Change Curve, defines "change culture" and provides ways leaders can positively affect their change culture.

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Overcoming Objections to Change

Breaks down the "what, how, who & why" of employees' resistance to change and presents a plan for successfully implementing change.

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Union Avoidance: Unions 101

Provides leaders with the basics on unions, and the benefits of operating in a non-union environment, including maintaining their direct connection to their team.

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Leadership and Self-Sacrifice

Defines leader self-sacrifice, provides examples and contrasts how selfish leaders negatively impact employees, versus the positive impact made by selfless leadership.

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