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Online Leadership Training
Crafted To Help Your Company Connect.

Teach Leadership Skills

Teach Leadership Skills

Consistently (and effortlessly!) provide engaging, new lessons each month.

better leaders

Create Better Leaders

Grow your organization with leaders who know how to motivate, support, improve and connect with team members.

better leaders make better companies

Become An Employer of Choice

Directly affect the bottom line by recruiting and retaining the best new talent.


Creating better leaders is a challenge most organizations aren’t quite sure how to approach. The A Better Leader system provides you with a proven path to consistent engagement that builds teams and grows companies.

Your leaders need a wide variety of skills and knowledge to motivate and support your teams, improve their own skills and connect with employees. No matter what industry you compete in, no matter how large or small your workforce, A Better Leader helps you create great leaders who will help you build your legacy with a true culture of engagement.

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Consistent Training Gets People Thinking!

We have leaders who have grown up in the Company and have little formal training. With 5 plants in 3 states, A Better Leader allows us to provide consistent training that really gets people thinking!

Patricia W. Moody, SPHR Schaefer Systems International

Distribution Could Not Be Easier

The distribution for 'A Better Leader' could not be easier for me, and it provides excellent concept introduction for new leaders, without talking down to seasoned ones.

Ken Scroggs, LPC, LMFT, LCSW Health Works Solutions

Bridges Gaps In Understanding

A Better Leader helps organizations address the issues we face in the modern day workplace.


What is the cost of ineffective leadership within your organization? How many good employees have left your company because of poor leaders? What is your company’s reputation as an employer worth? How many people are passing up your recruitment efforts because of what they’ve heard about your company's leadership? Are less-than-ideal leadership skills to blame for lack of engagement, lagging motivation, or even the company’s bottom line? Not building the best possible leaders may already be costing you a great deal.

Introducing The World's Best Way to Build Better Leaders

Just $450/month - Unlimited Users!

Schedule Your Team's Topics From Your Personal Dashboard

Get Full Compliance Reporting - With the Data You Need

Easy-To-Use Email Reminders with Talking Points

Easily Integrate A Better Leader into Your LMS

Strategically Address 4 Focus Areas with Dozens of Lessons!

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