3 Reasons Online Leadership Training Isn’t Working For You

3 Reasons Online Leadership Training Isn’t Working For You

It’s common to assume that online training, or eLearning, may not be the best solution for your organization. After all, when there are seminars, in-person lectures, and classroom setting training styles to choose from, why take a chance on a training style that might not work for your workplace and your leaders? Depending on your budget and your organizational needs, a different style of leadership training may be best. The truth is, online learning may not be the best solution. Traditional eLearning of the past may have been irrelevant, boring, or cannot spark the real change that your organization needs. However, things have changed, and you may be surprised by the ways online learning could transform your business and help create engaged employees and motivated leaders.

We’ll cover three common reasons online leadership training isn’t working for you and your employees, and how you can overcome them. A Better Leader specializes in online leadership training and has decades’ worth of experience working with organizations to build strong, effective leaders. Of course, we understand that eLearning might not be the number one solution for you and your employees, but you should feel confident knowing you have options for training.

1) Your eLearning Doesn’t Have Consistent, Engaging Content

First, let’s cover one of the most common reasons that eLearning hasn’t been the best solution for your employees. Traditional online learning has been known to have content that employees just click through without retaining much information. Training that is not tailored to your workplace is inconsistent, or doesn’t relate well to your employees will not deliver the results that you’re looking for. Additionally, the training needs to remain consistent with a cohesive appearance and logical placement of buttons and content to click on. With a lack of consistency, you will likely be frustrated after spending time and money on a solution that doesn’t benefit you or your employees. On the contrary, leadership training that is concise and provides inspirational and actionable development for your leaders will help you improve overall employee engagement, retention rates, and employee satisfaction! Consistent leadership training is critical to becoming an employer of choice.

2) Leadership Training Doesn’t Focus On The Right Topics

Another common problem with some existing online training is that the focus is not directed at the problem(s) you’re facing or the areas where you need to have your leaders spending their time honing their skills. Naturally, this can cause discouragement and dissatisfaction – both as an employer who has invested into training they thought would be beneficial and as a leader who has already completed a similar training or doesn’t retain any new information because the content isn’t created with their best interest(s) in mind. 

Consider this scenario: your quarterly employee engagement surveys just came in, and you see that your leaders could use some help connecting with and supporting the rest of the workforce. Some of your employees shared that they don’t feel their grievances are being heard, and a few others have expressed that they don’t feel they see the praise and recognition they deserve. Assigning a generic semi-annual leadership training covering a variety of topics and doesn’t focus on the areas your unique organization is struggling with is a waste of time for both you and your employees. 

By selecting specific leadership courses on relevant topics that you can assign to your employees as they need it, you will ensure that your leaders will be able to motivate, support, and connect with the rest of your organization. You will provide them with the skills they need to improve while becoming an employer of choice with better leaders.

3) It’s Outdated, Boring, and Unmotivating

Sometimes, it’s hard for your employees to sit down and complete a training session on their computer or a smartphone. Between their daily tasks, customers who may need them, and other teammates who are a distraction even with the best intentions, taking the time out of their day to focus on the boring training they need to sit and click through may be nearly impossible. Mindlessly scrolling through topics that may or may not be relevant to their current struggles is a waste of their time and your payroll. Online learning has often been known to require nothing but an endless stream of clicks, with outdated content that is difficult to focus on, let alone retain any practical information. 

Depending on what your leaders need most, you should select an eLearning system that allows you to choose what training needs to be completed. Interactive training and actionable content will help you understand who is completing their training and who may need extra time or assistance. It would also be beneficial if you could choose from a variety of topics to stay relevant and to be able to adapt to changes and address issues that arise within your organization.

Make Your eLearning Work For You and Your Employees

If online learning has failed you in the past or you have preconceived notions of its effectiveness, it doesn’t mean that it has to be the norm. As mentioned above, there are definitely valid concerns that may prevent you from selecting eLearning for your company. The content needs to be relevant, consistent and tailored to your organization. This may seem impossible, but your struggles with getting your leaders on track with your company culture and goals can be a thing of the past. Leadership training that helps you connect with your employees and provides them with the expertise they need to support their teammates is more affordable than you might think.

If powerful and consistent eLearning sounds like it could be the right decision for you, A Better Leader would love to help you become an employer of choice and implement behavioral change at a cultural level. You’ll save time, money, and energy by providing every leader in your organization the skills they need, right when they need them.

    Walter Orechwa

    Walter is Projections’ CEO and the founder of A Better Leader. Walter provides expert advice, highly effective employee communication resources and ongoing learning opportunities for Human Resources and Labor Relations professionals.