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Assumed Leadership: Why Better Leaders Don’t Seek Permission!

what is assumed leadership? from a better leader

Assumed leadership doesn’t mean ‘squatter’s rights’ and it isn’t rude. It doesn’t run over co-workers or wrestle power from others. It’s not even a renegade concept. The truth is, any company knows that finding and developing the leadership talent required to navigate an increasingly complex and demanding business environment never seems to get any easier. […]

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Leadership Metacognition: Thinking About Thinking

Leadership Metacognition from A Better Leader

The concept of metacognition in leadership may sound complex, but its simplest definition is “thinking about thinking,” and it can help leaders improve their interpersonal skills rapidly. Metacognition is related to emotional intelligence. Leaders with well-developed metacognitive ability will think about how well they understand an event before acting. They’ll decide whether or not they are […]

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