"Emotional Intelligence"
A One-Minute Preview

Emotional Intelligence may sound like a "soft skill," it’s quickly become a trait that employers are looking for in their leadership – and for good reason.

Emotionally Intelligent leaders are a critical factor in creating and maintaining positive workplaces, and in building corporate cultures that are adaptable, self-aware and inclusive. Leaders scoring high in Emotional Intelligence also tend to be more productive, more profitable, and overall, more successful.

If you want leaders who are prepared to work in a modern, progressive workplace, you’re going to want to help them develop a high level of Emotional Intelligence. 

Here's what your leaders will come away with when they complete "Emotional Intelligence" training from A Better Leader:

  • What Emotional Intelligence actually is
  • The difference between someone's "EQ" and their "IQ"
  • 12 Elements of Emotional Intelligence and how those elements can positively impact leaders
  • Immediately actionable ways to improve your own Emotional Intelligence 

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