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"Workplace Flexibility: Work Life Fit" 
A One-Minute Preview

Today's Better Leaders need to understand what it means to support workers with not only professional goals, but personal ones as well.

In this edition of A Better Leader, we first discuss the typical Work-Life Fit status for most employees, and then share a workplace flexibility experiment that achieved surprising results. We detail 11 things Better Leaders can do to improve flexibility and help all team members achieve their ideal Work-Life Fit.

Click below to watch a one-minute overview of the "Workplace Flexibility" lesson from A Better Leader!

Here's what your leaders will come away with when they complete 
"Workplace Flexibility and Work-Life Fit" training from A Better Leader

  • An Understanding of Why the Old Idea of Work-Life "Balance" No Longer Works
  • How to Support Employees In their Goals
  • Ideas for Improving Flexibility In the Workplace
  • 11 Great Ways they Can Help Every Team Member Reach their Ideal fit!

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