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74% Lack Training

74% of workers feel they are not reaching their potential
and wish they had additional training.

Middlesex University’ Institute for Work-Based Learning


95% of hiring managers consider training as a
key retention tool.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

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Online Manager Leadership Training That...

  • Quickly Improves Employee Retention Rates
  • Reduces Legal Liabilities
  • Improves Productivity & Motivation
  • Builds A Culture of Engagement

Consistent Training Gets People Thinking!

We have leaders who have grown up in the Company and have little formal training. With 5 plants in 3 states, A Better Leader allows us to provide consistent training that really gets people thinking!

Bonnie Turner - Elkhart Plastics

Distribution Could Not Be Easier

The distribution for 'A Better Leader' could not be easier for me, and it provides excellent concept introduction for new leaders, without talking down to seasoned ones.

Patricia W. Moody, SPHR - Schaefer Systems International

Bridges Gaps In Understanding

A Better Leader helps organizations address the issues we face in the modern day workplace.

Ken Scroggs, LPC, LMFT, LCSW - Health Works Solutions

Trainers: Lead Your Company To Success!

A Better Leader is done-for-you online leadership training.
Focused on making your company a true employer of choice, A Better Leader concentrates on leadership skills that create behavioral change at a cultural level:

  • Support with knowledge and skills to address Bullying, Diversity, Conflict Resolution
  • Motivate by Building Trust, Developing Morale, and Providing Recognition
  • Improve skills such as Engagement, Ethics, Performance Reviews, Change
  • Connect through Planned Connections, Effective Listening, Engagement and more

A Better Leader Training Is Based On Solid
Results-Centered Learning Theory

  • A Better Leader begins each lesson with self-identification,
  • Each lesson demonstrates the actions needed to reach that desired outcome
  • The information needed to reach the goals is simple, concise and easily understood
  • Each lesson ignites action through printable guides and bonus videos
  • New concepts are made "sticky" through interactive quizzes
  • Managers remain engaged with the completion of each new monthly topic!

What You Get With A Better Leader

  • Over Three Years of Leadership Lessons
  • Drag & Drop Online Lesson Scheduler
  • The Ability to Schedule Lessons Up To  Year In Advance
  • Monthly Talking Points For Company-Wide Consistency
  • Full Reporting on Every Leader's Progress

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