Morale: The Number One Factor for Employee Retention and Productivity

The age of entrepreneurs being the only important stakeholders in a company has passed. Today, employees are increasingly becoming a business organization’s key stakeholders. This is due to both the globally growing demand for quality products at reasonable prices and constantly increasing competition. It is more important than ever to have highly motivated employees that can give an edge against the competition.

Times have changed dramatically.
In the 20th century, the top companies treated their people like robots. However, the companies that will succeed in the 21st century will treat their people as human beings.

How to Inspire Workers to Be Productive and Stay

Having productive employees has always been a goal for companies. But today, the goal is to have highly motivated employees that are productive and glued to the organization. Employee retention is important because a good worker who s dissatisfied with their work may easily find another position, and that position may be with the competition. Employee retention is more than just reducing employee turnover. It is about holding onto high-quality employees that are motivated by excellent management practices.

Importance of Excellent Management

High employee morale is a major factor in the success of any organization. In order for companies to retain their employees, they must have a strong management system using strategies that inspire employees both individually and collectively. Managers are the direct link of communication between the company and its employees. Therefore, it is important to the success of a company to have well-trained managers that can communicate clear company goals and motivate their employees to make efforts towards those goals.

Keeping Them in the Door and Motivated

Employees stay because the company is adequately fulfilling their needs and they are given opportunities that allow them to fully use their skills. While decent pay and benefits are important, employees want to feel like they are contributing to a goal and making a difference. A company needs to have a purposeful and gratifying culture, based on values and principles that make sense, are fair, and provide a positive work environment.

A company culture that encourages its employees to advance in their skills and provides opportunities for increased responsibilities will successfully retain employees. This is where management comes in. Managers are the ones responsible to maintain a company culture where employees are inspired and have a sense of belonging. Once employees feel like they are part of something more than just a job, productivity will come naturally.

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