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What Makes A Better Leader So Different?

Every leadership course in the A Better Leader system is designed to be at once robust, compelling, and immediately actionable. A Better Leader's course topics include top-requested skills in four focus areas: Motivate, Connect, Support and Improve.

A Better Leader Means A New Leadership Course Every Month!

Leadership Courses That Help Your Leaders Motivate People

Building Morale

Developing Trust

Praise & Recognition

Goal Setting & Achievement

Taking Action to Inspire Productivity

Workplace Health & Well-Being

Motivating Remote Teams

UnionProof: Company Advocates

Leadership Courses That Show Your Leaders How To Connect 

Brand Ambassadors

Effective Listening


Planned Connections

The Extroversion Scale

The Respectful Workplace

Employee Engagement Matters

Crisis Communication

The UnionProof Workforce

Leadership Courses That Give Your Leaders The Tools To Support Their Team

 Leadership Courses That Provide The Skills To Improve

Maintaining Engagement

Implicit Bias

Introduction to Change

Ethics & Leadership

Feedback: Performance Reviews

Extroversion Diversity

Coaching Skills

Overcoming Objections To Change

Leadership & Self-Sacrifice

UnionProof: Unions 101

Take 30 Days To Evaluate A Better Leader

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