Leadership, Defined.

Every leadership course in the A Better Leader system is designed to be at once robust, compelling, and immediately actionable. A Better Leader's topics include the top-requested information from new and seasoned managers and supervisors.

We recommend starting "Leadership, Defined" ​as the first lesson. Then select your programs for the coming months from the Four Focus Areas: Motivate, Connect, Support and Improve.

A Better Leader

Improve Your People

Good, Better, Best

The most effective leaders create an environment where each team member is performing to the highest level their abilities allow. When employees see that their supervisor is A Better Leader, they’re motivated to improve and grow continuously.

Ethics & Leadership

Sometimes ethical behavior is tough to define. In this edition, we provide leaders with a 4-question quiz to determine if a decision or action is ethical.

Develop Your Coaching Skills

We take a look at what differentiates coaching from training & mentoring. Leaders will explore the proper roles & responsibilities of coaching, plus some practical coaching skills.

Feedback Reboot: Performance Reviews

Leaders learn how Performance Reviews can propel both employees and businesses forward, and how to avoid some common Performance Review missteps.

Intro to Change

Leaders learn the four critical stages that employees may experience when facing change, and are introduced to the idea of "change culture" and how they as leaders can positively affect their team members' experiences with change.

Overcoming Objections to Change

Breaks down the "what, how, who & why" of employees' resistance to change and presents a plan for successfully implementing change.

UnionProof: Unions 101

Provides leaders with the basics on unions, and the benefits of operating in a non-union environment, including maintaining their direct connection to their team.

Leadership and Self-Sacrifice

Defines leader self-sacrifice, provides examples and contrasts how selfish leaders negatively impact employees, versus the positive impact made by selfless leadership.

Extroversion Diversity

Leaders learn how extroversion diversity can contribute to greater productivity. Defines how differing personalities can excel in roles leaders might have previously dismissed!

Maintaining Engagement

You've got a good thing going with your team. Engagement is at an all time high. How do you keep the momentum up? Can you even increase it further? What can you do if there are setbacks or tough times?

Implicit Bias

Understanding implicit bias can help leaders recognize their own tendencies and work to overcome them. Learning about implicit bias will help your leaders build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. In this lesson, we also provide leaders with specific techniques to improve their own skills and overcome implicit bias.