Online Leadership Training: Which is Best for Your Company?

Getting your leaders on the same page can be a challenge – and encouraging to focus on their own development can be an even bigger hurdle! You need an online leadership training program that ensures that all your leaders are supporting your company’s culture in the same way. While live and in-person training is effective, it’s not always practical to pull leaders out of their day-to-day to focus on learning and development. So an online leadership training tool is an ideal solution.

The difficult part is knowing which resource is the best fit for your unique leadership team. Should you invest in a tool that offers a wide variety of training topics, or focus on much-needed leadership skills? Is it better to choose a program that charges per individual or one that offers a single investment to train all your leaders, company-wide? Is a university-based program a better fit for your company or will a program that offers consistent, ever-changing leadership training a better option?

To help you decide, we’ve done an in-depth comparison of popular leadership training offerings to help you narrow down your options!

Linked In Learning / Lynda

When trying to develop leadership skills, Lynda is an online training platform to consider. Owned by LinkedIn, Lynda offers training to improve hundreds of skills at every level, from beginner to advanced.

Lynda allows learners to customize their training and offers companies the ability to choose courses for those employees. This can get overwhelming, however, for both learner and administrator, as they currently offer over 13,000 courses and are “adding more each week.”

This a constant rotation of courses can help learners develop new skills on a wide variety of topics. LinkedIn Learning/ Lynda is $24.99 per person each month, or $300 for a year’s worth of training per individual learner. This can become quite costly if you have multiple leaders to train.

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Pryor Learning Solution

Pryor Learning Solutions offers a few different ways to train leaders of tomorrow. They offer live and pre-recorded online courses, webinars and live seminars for training. The courses focus on leadership skills such as proper budgeting, effective communication skills and how to handle disciplinary issues when they arise. They charge $449 per person for each year of training.

Dale Carnegie Training Course

The Dale Carnegie Training Course offers online training to boost management techniques such as analyzing and handling problems effectively, communication development, and delegation skills. The cost of the course is based on the number of people who plan to take each course and which courses they plan to take. Courses are sold on an individual basis.

Cornell Online Executive Leadership Training

Cornell Online Executive Leadership Training provides future leaders in your company with eight courses that span over a two week period of time. The courses focus on decision-making skills, confrontation management, communication skills, and conflict resolution. The course can be paid for in monthly installments of $650 per person or paid as a lump sum of $4,800 per person.

A Better Leader Online Leadership Training

A Better Leader’s Online Leadership Training program is different in that it’s specifically crafted to affect behavior change at a cultural level. Designed to spark conversation and learning among your company’s leaders, trainers choose new topics monthly that are easily deployed through A Better Leader’s admin dashboard.

A Better Leader currently offers over three year’s worth of monthly training topics in four key areas: Improve Your People, Connect With Your People, Support Your People and Motivate Your People. New monthly lesson topics are offered consistently so your leaders are always learning.

By getting every leader on the same topic each month, you’ll find that they’re focused on exactly what the company needs. Using A Better Leader’s admin dashboard, you can schedule months in advance with “Ethics in Leadership,” “Coaching Skills,” or “Conflict Resolution,” but if you suddenly realize there are some big shifts ahead, you can quickly and easily adjust your leadership training to deploy “Communicating During A Crisis” or “Overcoming Objections To Change.”

Based on your scheduled lessons, your training is released each month to help train leaders on a consistent basis. A Better Leader includes not just video lessons but interactive online quizzes, printable infographics, and “Dig A Little Deeper” segments with leadership experts on the same topic. A Better Leader even provides you with the custom talking points you need for your training meetings so that you are always ready to present training in the most powerful and engaging way possible.

Want to know how your leaders are doing? Check the included compliance reporting to see who is on top of their leadership training and who needs a little nudge! A Better Leader can help ensure that the leadership skills you are providing are assessed and fully developed.

A Better Leader offers trainers the ability to thoroughly understand the platform through a free one-month trial. You can train an unlimited number of employees with A Better Leader for just $450 monthly. This model makes A Better Leader an economical solution if you have a large number of employees to train.

Create Better Leaders

Training leaders properly is essential to the success of your company. You need leaders that people love to work for. Thorough training will set your leaders up to focus on supporting, motivating, improving and connecting with employees. Implementing you online leadership training course will help you reduce turnover, improve productivity and truly encourage every team member to embrace the company’s culture.

Chris Craddock

As the leader of Projections' production team, Chris loves to inspire others to perform at the highest levels! From the most challenging leadership opportunities to brainstorming the latest topics leaders want to learn about, Chris provides clear direction and vision.