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Motivate Your Team by Leading With Empathy

Leadership Empathy

Many organizations are now looking beyond traditional strategies to manage their employees and are now leading with empathy. One of the skills in great demand is empathy–the ability to understand another person’s condition, thoughts, and feelings from their viewpoint, rather than your own. Although empathy is now considered an essential skill for truly authentic leadership, there […]

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Lead with Transparency and Empathy

The best leaders are those who are somewhat of a chameleon and can lead with transparency and empathy. They are capable of adapting their leadership style. They are skilled at choosing the right tools to fit the environment and personalities of any given situation best. A leader may want to be highly task-focused and provide […]

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Can you be TOO Authentic?

Can You Be Too Authentic

“Be authentic, be authentic!” Employees don’t often trust those in leadership positions, and the answer to that lack of trust is often instructing leaders to “be more authentic!”  Employees wish for a better leader — a leader who is self-aware, compassionate, transparent, consistent, and works towards the greater good. In short, they want an authentic […]

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