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Scientific Proof That Happiness Creates Leadership Success (Not the other way around!)

Happy Employee

“The Happiness Advantage,” written for leaders by best-selling author Shawn Achor, shares seven researched and tested methods of becoming happier. He details how your own happiness can help achieve higher levels of leadership success. By improving your own happiness, you can have a more positive impact upon your relationship circles and community. In the book, […]

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Leading with Compassion vs. Leading for Compliance

Leading a workforce is more challenging than ever before because it’s multigenerational, multicultural, and at many companies, globalized. New workforce demographics require a new leadership style. Historically, managers have led for compliance vs leading with compassion, assuming a focus on setting rules and issuing orders meant to ensure operational requirements are met. In this scenario, […]

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Motivate Your Team by Leading With Empathy

Leadership Empathy

Many organizations are now looking beyond traditional strategies to manage their employees and are now leading with empathy. One of the skills in great demand is empathy–the ability to understand another person’s condition, thoughts, and feelings from their viewpoint, rather than your own. Although empathy is now considered an essential skill for authentic, transformational, effective leaders, […]

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