Top 5 Habits of the World’s Most Effective Business Leaders

Great leadership habits

Highly-effective leaders aren’t just lucky. The world’s best front-line managers and supervisors are likely to engage in certain thought patterns, attitudes, and professional development approaches that make a significant difference.

  1. Be Approachable

    Leaders who aren’t easy to approach may struggle to build relationships with their subordinates. Being approachable means more than simply having an “open door” policy. Managers and supervisors need to be easy to approach with minor concerns and suggestions. If a manager isn’t approachable, small concerns can go unnoticed and blow up into much larger issues.

  2. Have a Positive Attitude

    A manager’s attitude can set the entire tone for their division. According to business blogger Craig Jarrow, attitude is directly correlated with productivity. Managers who model negativity are not just less productive, they may also encourage negativity throughout the workplace.

  3. Be Humble

    Google’s SVP of People Operations, Lazlo Bock, reports that humility is one of the top qualities he hires for. According to Bock, without a humble attitude, people are less likely to pursue improvement. Understanding that you don’t know everything won’t just make leadership more likable, it’s also the right attitude for individuals to continually learn and grow while modeling optimal behavior for their teams.

  4. Motivate Others

    The world’s most prominent leaders have a remarkable ability to motivate their teams to reach their goals, collaborate, and produce high-quality work. According to Forbes’ Joseph Folkman, the science of being able to mobilize others is about more than charisma. The common traits of effective motivators include:

    • Having vision
    • Facilitating relationships
    • Driving others
    • Being principled
    • Enthusiasm
    • Expertise

    Modeling one or more of these qualities in a professional setting can inspire a leader’s teams to perform at a higher level.

  5. Commit to Ongoing Education

    The world’s most effective leaders are a little obsessive about continually improving their professional skill sets. Online leadership courses are one way that front-line managers and supervisors can improve their soft skills and become more effective at motivating others. Convenient eLearning courses on goal setting, praise and recognition, and other topics can allow management to pursue ongoing education in their off time, and immediately apply these crucial skills in a professional setting.

Making a commitment to thinking positive, being a motivating force, and continuing education can allow today’s managers to become tomorrow’s industry leaders. By committing to having the right attitude and improving their skills, leadership can inspire their teams to peak performance.

Chris Craddock

As the leader of Projections' production team, Chris loves to inspire others to perform at the highest levels! From the most challenging leadership opportunities to brainstorming the latest topics leaders want to learn about, Chris provides clear direction and vision.