Want to be A Better Leader?

blog053014So you want to be A Better Leader! Get on board, so do a lot of people. It’s not easy being a leader. It takes time, energy and other resources to get the training and you better have the commitment and dedication to hone the craft. Regardless of your gender, age, industry, profession, experience or reasons why you want to lead others ask yourself these questions and be clear about your answers before jumping in.

If your begging at the chance for more responsibility and leadership potential, ask yourself these questions and get really clear with your answers. Am I willing to serve others – really?

  1. Why do you want to be a leader?
  2. How willing am I to serve others – really?
  3. Is my leadership about me or we? Why?
  4. How will I act decisively, even though I could end up being wrong?
  5. Why am I willing to be humble, vulnerable and honest with myself and with others?
  6. How can I ask more questions and do less talking?
  7. Can I say more about the future than the past?
  8. Who wins when I lead well? Who loses when I lead poorly?
  9. WHY do I want to lead people?
  10. Why would people follow me?

Leaders – female and male, educated and not so educated, spiky hair or gray hair, gifted speaker or not, loaded with cash or poor as dirt – come in ALL shapes in sizes. Some leaders are the obvious leaders in a room. Others are not. If you are ready for leadership, or are wanting more of it, honestly ask yourself the questions above.

Leadership is not for the weak-minded. It takes guts, toil, bruising, humility, and a whole lot of serving others to be influential and known for your leadership.

Wherever you are on your leadership path, being a leader worth following takes a healthy and true personal inventory about yourself. Not just one time, but on a consistent basis.

So, WHY do you want to be a leader?

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Chris Craddock

As the leader of Projections' production team, Chris loves to inspire others to perform at the highest levels! From the most challenging leadership opportunities to brainstorming the latest topics leaders want to learn about, Chris provides clear direction and vision.