Leadership, Defined.

Every leadership course in the A Better Leader system is designed to be at once robust, compelling, and immediately actionable. A Better Leader's topics include the top-requested information from new and seasoned managers and supervisors.

We recommend starting "Leadership, Defined" ​as the first lesson. Then select your programs for the coming months from the Four Focus Areas: Motivate, Connect, Support and Improve.

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Support Your People

Removing barriers to accomplishment

It’s no mystery that new supervisors often falter because they are not prepared for the additional challenges that come from managing people. A Better Leader’s structure allows you to effortlessly present, teach, and reinforce the vital knowledge that supports your corporate culture.

Productivity Without Spending a Dime

Leaders are shown why, often, cash is not king when it comes to rewarding employees. Together we will walk through the many ways you can implement free, low-cost and other non-cash motivators in your workplace.

Conflict Resolution

Explores conflict's impact on a team, identifies the right time for leaders to intervene in employee disputes and walks leaders through a conflict resolution session.

Delegation Works

Discusses how proper delegation enables leaders to hit their goals on time, increases productivity and encourages teamwork. Includes the 8 steps to Delegation, a guide to sharing responsibilities with your workforce.

Diversity & Inclusion

We're not just talking about being "politically correct" - we're showing leaders how their team can be more successful in a global marketplace. Including, some of the challenges that your company may face making diversity and inclusion operational realities.

Time Management: The Power of Prioritizing

Helps leaders understand the benefits of prioritizing, highlights two key methods of prioritizing and provides tips to stay focused. Also, takes a look at how you can handle unexpected entries on your "to-do" list?

UnionProof: Employee Voice

When employees know that they are being heard - that management supports them, and that their ideas and opinions are respected, they are far less likely to look outside the company for help.

Workplace Bullying

What does bullying look like today? In this course, leaders learn what bullying is, and how to recognize it. They'll understand how bullying impacts individuals and the workplace as a whole. Plus, they'll get 5 tips everyone can use to stop workplace bullying and a 3-Step "Rehab Plan" leaders can use to resolve bullying behavior.

Workplace Flexibility & Work-Life "Fit"

The perfect balance between career and family is now seen for the unachievable goal it's always been! So how can leaders take factors such as age; changes in working conditions and even the demands of new technology into account and support team members? "Work-Life Fit" provides 11 great ways to do just that.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally intelligent leaders are a critical factor in creating and maintaining positive workplaces, and in building cultures that are adaptable, self-aware and inclusive. In this lesson, leaders learn what emotional intelligence is, the impact it can have, and how they can improve their skills to support their people.

4 Things Your Leaders Must Have

Four Things Your Leaders Must Have To Be Successful

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